Officially Apathetic

March 8, 2008

It’s late…I’m tired…I’m Annoyed…I don’t know what to do.

The Republican party and all of its “(R) before (C)” members have abandoned me and my fellow conservatives. While the country moves further and further left, I become more and more aggravated. Regardless, here are a few last words on what I think about the candidates before I sleep:

Mitt Romney – You’re a businessman who knows what is and isn’t a bad investment. While it may be a bad investment financially to continue, I say stay in the race just to stand up for what’s right.

Mike Huckabee – You’re a hypocrite and I have no respect for you and your ridiculous claims of conservatism. Crawl back into the hole that you came from along with the uneducated “(R) before (C)” people who support you.

Ron Paul – While you stand up for everything I agree on domestically, you’re an idiot for ever thinking that the US can just “stay out of the way” and therefore I could never vote for you.

And finally…John McCain – You’ve made my party the party of moderates…I hope you’re proud…I’m ashamed.

May conservatism be with you all

David Cooper (C)


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