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Omniscient God and our Free Will

November 27, 2007

This doesn’t have anything to do with Republican Strategy, but I thought I’d share my thoughts with you anyway. Anyway, I’m back after months of my MIA weblogs! I’m sorry that you have been deprived of my genius intellect, but I have been busy with my “un-educational” career of college that destroys the faith that so exists in young minds. Fortunately, my faith is still intact and strong; perhaps stronger now that I have studied Christianity and Islam simultaneously. Interestingly enough, the liberal “educated elite” has failed in the one job that they try so hard at acheiving…David = 1, Hippie-liberal-douche professors = 0.

Now that that’s said, here’s the new topic: If God is omniscient does mankind still have free will? This is a question that has only come up a few times in my life and I have thought about it. Unfortunately, my answer is purely theological and won’t appeal or make “logical” sense to you atheists or agnostics (who Stephen Colbert says are just atheists with no balls). Having said that, my answer is a valid philosophical premis and I think a good one at that. Here it goes:

God is infinite. Mankind is finite (less than). If God is infinite, then God is omniscient, along with other infinite attributes. This means that God knows everything that we are going to do and every decision we are going to make. Then the question comes: if God knows everything, do we still have free will? The answer: yes. Impossible right? For our finite minds, yes. But God makes it possible and we will never figure out how, because God is infinite and we are finite. If we could figure out how this is possible then that means that we could understand the infinite, in which case God would not be infinite, would he? If this were the case, there would be no God. But if there was no God, then you wouldn’t have to worry about this question right? But we are not infinite and God is, so we will never be able to understand some of the things that God makes possible.

What are your thoughts?