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Madeline, Are You Serious!?

January 10, 2008

After reading this article about Madeline Albright’s opionion that Bush is the worst president in history, my assumption that Democrats want to destroy the greatness of America has been confirmed.

Albright descriminates Bush for not doing enough about global warming. She said that the next president should embrace the “global view of climate change.”

Ok… As if the president doesn’t have enough on his plate with the confrontation in Iraq. Bush can’t do it all people. Even the Reagan administration didn’t try to solve every problem in America (not to say that there is really a global warming problem). They made priorities, stuck to them, and worked their hardest to solve the problems.

I can play the game of the President possibly not having the right priorities, but when she says that the job of the next president should be to look after the interests of foreign nations I draw the line. NEVER in the history of organized government has a country looked after the interests of others. One way or another a country always does what will benefit themeselves.

The next absurd statement made by Albright was when she said, “the next president […]has to have the capability of dealing with other countries and being interested actually, in what their national intersest is and in listening.” WHAT!? So in other words, if we pander to terrorists and just stay out of the way, but at the same time get involved with helping, but not so much as to make them mad, but just to listen to them, but don’t say or do anything even if it leads to the fall of America, blah blah blah. Hippie talk. Wake up people! That’s like saying if we would have just lifted our oil embargo from Japan after they attacked Pearl Harbor we wouldn’t have had to go to war and they would have left us alone. Yeah right.

In addition, Albright says that globalization is inevitable and we should do what we can to decrease the gap between rich and poor. Madeline, are you willing to give up half of your earnings to pay for the poor? If so you’re an imbisile. Of course you can stop globalization! It’s easy, be American. Stop pretending to be “world citizens” and start becoming American citizens! Besides, countries in the middle east don’t want to become part of some global community, they want to control it!

This is the path to the destruction of prosperity. Americans want to better their lives while Democrats want to worsen the lives of those who worked hard by taking their earnings and distributing to the people who are lazy and don’t want to work for it. America is a country of equal opportunity, not equal outcome. Remember that.

But wait, Madeline wants global equality. She says, “If we were all rich, that would be nice. If were all poor, it would be too bad, but at least we would be the same.” Ahhhhhh! No prosperity. No opportunity. No individuality. Just COMMUNISM! It’s official; Albright wants to destroy equal opportunity and redistribute for equal outcome. I’m sorry Madeline, but me and many of my fellow conservatives will not let this happen. We will stop you at all costs.

To my fellow conservatives (and Americans for that matter), keep fighting.

 David Cooper