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Sodomites and the “Excuse”

March 8, 2008

Here’s a short quip of my thought about homosexuality. For the sake of refraining from writing “homosexual” (and the fact that I REFUSE to give in to political correctness) I’m just going to refer to them as “gay.”

To start off the subject I just want to say that I really don’t care if people are gay. I think it’s a bit gross and it makes no sense to me, but I’ve never held anything against gays for being gay, EXCEPT when they give me the “excuse.” What is this “excuse?” I’ll get to that in a moment.

First let’s get to the legal part. I really have mixed feelings about the subject of gay marriage, simply because I don’t really have the desire to tell people how to live. However, there is good evidence supporting the notion that it should be illegal to allow gay marriage. One argument is that “marriage is the incubator of children.” If you can’t have children, why do you need to get married? Also, marriage is literally defined as “the legal union of two adults of the opposite sex who are unrelated to each other.” So technically, even if gays are “together” they can’t, by definition, be married.

But this post isn’t meant for the legal aspect of gay people, but to give the debate against the “excuse.”

Time and time again, I hear gay people and defenders of gay people tell me that they can’t choose whether or not they’re gay. “They’re born gay.” “They can’t help it.” “They are what they are, not by choice, but by destiny.” Blah blah blah. I don’t buy this for a minute. Ok, I don’t believe God made you gay. Sorry. I believe that you choose your own destiny. You choose your own lifestyle. This excuse is not only false, but hypocritical.

Most gay people (excluding the strange institution of gay Christians) are atheist. Then, they claim that they were born gay. Wait…if you’re born gay doesn’t that mean that some higher power made you gay? Hmmm. But then there’s the people that believe God chooses everything for you…even if that were true, why would God make someone gay? It makes no sense to me. You choose your own lifestyle and nobody can change your mind. So this bogus premise that gays “can’t help it” is ridiculous.


Department of Education…END IT!

January 3, 2008

This may come as a shock seeing as how I’m working to become a teacher, but I feel strongly about this topic. This also may be one issue that Ron Paul supporters would agree with me on (assuming they actually know what Ron Paul believes in).

I understand that education is a big concern in this country. So the best way to make it successful is to not let the Federal Government control it. Every time we put trust in the Federal Government they screw it up. Not to mention, it increases the chances of America becoming a socialist country.

The reason the Federal Government shouldn’t control education is because every city is different! The Federal Government promises money for good test scores and threatens to take it away for bad test scores. This is a problem. You can’t set a national standard for education because then teachers will only teach what is necessary for their students to pass the government mandated tests. Also, having the Federal Government controlling the Education increases the power of teachers’ unions and decreases the power of the students’ parents.

My solution: Abolish the Department of Education and leave the education to the cities. If a city has control of what the schools teach, then the parents have more say about what is taught in schools because it increases the effect of Parent-School Board relations. For example, if a city like San Francisco decides to have a week of teaching homosexual tolerance or sexual education and the parents find that not a problem, that’s OK! Because if a parent doesn’t like it, they can go to a city where the parents decided that homosexual tolerance and sexual education isn’t necessary for the schools (like say…in a Conservative mid-west town). Each city has different priorities.

Also, if a city decides to tax it’s citizens to increase educational funding, then chances are the tax will ACTUALLY FUND the schools. In a federal tax, you don’t know whether that money is going to the schools or not. Besides, if parents don’t like the tax, they can fight against it or they can move. It gives parents more opportunities to better their city and choose where their kids go to school.

In addition, Charter Schools would increase competition for public schools and require public schools to hire better teachers and manage their budget a little better. Increase competition and you’ll increase the quality of the outcome. (By the way, this isn’t my idea. John McCain advocates this same idea).

We should also get rid of teacher tenure. Or at LEAST make it more difficult to achieve tenure. If we can’t get rid of bad teachers then the educational system will never get better (this coming from a future teacher!). Then the teachers’ unions complain: “we’re going to lose our jobs…we’re not protected.” You’re damn right you’re not protected! Just like any other job, you have to perform well to keep your job! If you’re good at your job, then you don’t have to worry do you?

Anyway…my two cents.

David Cooper


College professors: the new Gnostics…

December 17, 2007

First, let’s define who Gnostics are, or were. Gnostics were a religious sect during early rise of Christianity, who claimed to have a secret knowledge about Jesus. They didn’t consider themselves anything other than Christians, but were looked down upon by the orthodox.

You may have heard of these people and their writings. These are the folks who created the Gnostic gospels such as the Gospel of Judas, Gospel of Thomas, Infancy Gospel, and Gospel of Peter. These controversial texts contained themes that argued Judas as the hero for betraying Jesus and fulfilling prophesy, showed outrageous accounts of Jesus’ supposed conniving childhood, and random quotes that were said to be from Jesus in Thomas (similar to the Quran’s contents of Muhammad’s sayings).

The Gnostics believed that Jesus gave special knowledge to the disciples and left limited knowledge to the people by using parables. Well, we seemed to have figured out what the parables mean, but I guess that isn’t the “secret knowledge.” But I digress…Gnostics also felt that it didn’t matter what a person did to his body, because it was all about finding his “inner-self.” Consequently, there were Christian martyrs like St. Perpetua, dying for their faith, while Gnostics would sacrifice bulls to Roman gods one minute and go seeking their inner-self through “Christian” beliefs the next.

Obviously Orthodox prevailed and Gnosticism failed (if it didn’t and everyone became Gnostic, would it still be “secret knowledge,” which is the very foundation of Gnosticism to begin with?). Christianity may have been through a lot of problems, but today it’s certainly not the problem in the world. If anything, it helps keep the world a somewhat moral society. Now, I know you don’t have to be a Christian to be a moral person, but religion (Christianity included) certainly contributes to the morality that we see and retain today.

Now to my point: College professors are the new Gnostics. Ironically they call themselves agnostic (which means they have no knowledge and are seeking to figure out religious beliefs), but we all know what they really are – Liberals. These Liberals who call themselves agnostic, believe they contain a secret knowledge about humanity and politics that the rest of society doesn’t know because they’re too stupid. Granted, not all Liberals are secular, but in general they believe religion causes problems; especially for secular driven Liberal agendas. Although society is more secular than ever, Liberal college professors claim to stand up for some great cause for humanity against “right-wing-religious-fanatics.” The worst thing about it is that these Liberals are pretending to “teach” students; attempting to achieve liberalism and secularism worldwide. Luckily, there are some people who see through this, but there needs to be more legitimate instructors.

These professors just think they’re smarter than everyone else, but don’t let these Gnostic professors fool you. There are intelligent college graduates in the world that are Conservative. The thing is they pursue other endeavors like becoming businessmen or medical doctors or scientists. Perhaps I’ll be the exception. I want to be the teacher that teaches history and government from a legitimate angle, but if I have to be a right-wing fanatic in order to level-out the liberal education that students receive, then so be it.

David Cooper (C)