The Devil Made Me Do It

March 8, 2008

“The Devil Makes You Do Bad Things”

This is one thing that I forgot to add in my latest blog about Christianity. I am a firm believer that the devil CANNOT make you do ANYTHING! So all of you people who were taught in Christian school that the devil makes you do bad things (as what happened to my younger sister recently) need to realize quickly that the devil can’t MAKE you do anything. Perhaps he can TEMPT you or INFLUENCE you in a sick kind of way, but it’s up to YOU whether or not to act upon those temptations.

If the devil could actually make people do things, then why didn’t he make Jesus sin? I can go all the way back to Adam and Eve…did the serpent (which we think is the devil) make Eve eat that frickin’ apple?????NO! She CHOSE to! Which is another reason why I believe that man can CHOOSE what he will do in life.

Believe it or not, we are NOT doomed!

May conservatism be with you all.

David Cooper (C)


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