Contemplations over the Draft…

December 19, 2007

I’ve been thinking about the subject of the draft for some time now and I thought I’d share my views with those who would like to read.

I have mixed feelings about the draft. On one hand I think the draft would be a good idea. If instilled in times of peace AND war, it would ensure people that the country isn’t just implementing a draft because they need military personell for a war, but that the country just so happens to be in a war and we’re lucky enough to have the military that we need. Also, (now this is just a thought) what if one had to give military service in order to obtain a special benefit in the future, similar to obtaining a college degree?

In addition, if we had a draft now, the war in Iraq would less likely be the problem that it is. We wouldn’t need to authorize “troop surges,” we would just have the necessary troops needed to fight the fight. Why not…we had a draft throught WWII, Korea, and Vietnam? (Vietnam, arguably, destroyed the likely-hood of having a draft again, but had we kept it through peacetime, it might be acceptable to people).

On the other hand, we are the most powerful nation in the world; we’re able to figure out a way to fill our military with sufficient soldiers without implementing the draft. The United States is smart enough and rich enough to recruit enough people through benefits and incentives. The great thing about this country is that we find ways to be the most powerful nation in the world without having a draft. What other great power in the history of the civilized world pulled this off?

Historically remarkable…

On a side note, I believe that women should not be included in the draft…if they want to be in the military, they should enlist. Femenists would argue otherwise, but…what don’t they argue about?

Anyway, what are your thoughts?



  1. It seems that the American “spirit” causes us to question the draft, however I question that itself.

    I stand with you: a little more open to the idea of a draft or required service, however we are pulling off a huge feat now: an all volunteer army.

    However in retrospect of history, there is now more to being a superpower than having a superior force of defense and waging war.

    I’m willing to go with whatever the majority of the nation feels. The draft should never be taken from the table though.

  2. Good topic. I’m open to the thought of a draft mainly because so many people really need that kind of discipline to make it in life. It presents more opportunities for those who have few options. It would also help to show how great this country actually is to those that have no idea how lucky they are to be born here.

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