Liberal Media: Destroying The Will Of The People Since 1968

August 14, 2007

Here I go again; back to Vietnam. It’s interesting how many problems in this country started during the Vietnam War. *cough* hippies. What did hippies ever amount to than the liberal democrats that we see today? Anyway, the liberal media has destroyed the American way of life. Some may never admit that, but I think we can all agree that the liberal media has at least destroyed the American way of war. If we can’t all agree now, maybe this entry will change your mind.

Although the media has always played a major role in American wars it wasn’t until the conflict in Vietnam that it turned “anti-American.” Think about it. In all wars previous to the Vietnam War the media had been about continuing American patriotism. Always trying to band the nation together to win. But something changed in the 1960s. The media went from uniting the country, being patriotic, and supporting the military and the battles they fought to reporting that American soldiers were killing babies and innocent civilians, despite the United States being the most humanitarian, law abiding, military in the history of war. The media even went as far as flat-out LYING to the American people about the outcome of battles!

In Vietnam the United States had pretty much contained the insurgency (Viet Cong) in South Vietnam after 1969. In fact, the North Vietnamese had few, if any, successful strategic or operational attacks on U.S. troops. For example, In 1968 the North Vietnamese Army organized a mass attack on South Vietnam called the Tet Offensive. The plan of the North Vietnamese was not only militarily, but diplomatically and psychologically as well. The idea was to invade South Vietnam during a sacred Vietnamese holiday while many South Vietnamese soldiers were on leave. It was supposed to be a surprise invasion by the North Vietnamese simultaneously with an uprising of all of the insurgent Viet Cong in South Vietnam. The diplomatic side was to take advantage of the weak South Vietnamese government and convince them to give in to the Viet Cong and surrender to the North Vietnamese. The psychological side was to destroy the will of the American people, where the war was already so unpopular. To keep things brief, the Tet Offensive orchestrated by North Vietnam was a complete failure and a huge win for South Vietnam and the U.S. military. While the plan was executed perfectly by the enemy, the U.S. was ready for it and fought well in the 136 towns and cities that were attacked simultaneously. The U.S. had less than 1,540 KIA while the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong had up to 40,000 KIA. In addition, the Viet Cong was destroyed and didn’t really exist in South Vietnam. Also, the South Vietnamese government never got discouraged and didn’t give in to the Viet Cong. The North Vietnamese expected all of the South Vietnamese people to join with the insurgency and fight the U.S., but little did North Vietnam realize, the South Vietnamese people didn’t want to. They generally supported the U.S. involvement.

This all sounds like a great victory doesn’t it? Well, militarily it was. But while the battle was victorious, the war was lost. The most powerful weapon was used by North Vietnam…destroying the will of the people. But we ask ourselves: “How was the will of the people destroyed by such a victory?” The answer: The media. THIS IS FACT! No liberal or journalist (what’s the difference?) can argue this. It’s in all the history books. The press lied! They reported U.S. casualties without reporting the North Vietnamese casualties. They reported that there was a huge mass attack on U.S. forces, but reported the outcome as a loss. One journalist involved in this…atrocity is, yep, our very own Walter Cronkite, saying “the war is lost.” *gasp* Those are the exact words Senator Harry Reid used to describe the war in Iraq! tsk tsk tsk…Reid, think of something original.

Can it be that the same thing is happening now? What if the press took the stance that it did during WWII? Would this war in Iraq look more successful than they make it seem? What would happen in Iraq if the American people joined together to fight a more total war? WE NEED PATRIOTISM! Don’t let the media convince you that “the war is lost.”



  1. exactly. u shold hear dad when he watches the news sometimes its funny to hear him get pissed off

  2. I think the media enjoys its power. Recently they “predicted” the housing boom bust for over a year before it finally happened. They “predicted” market crashes and then they happened. People listen to the media and then they follow what they are told. The only thing the media has been getting wrong is the weather. The last two years they ‘predicted” record hurricanes. One of these years they will finally get it right and be vindicated. If you are told something long enough you finally begin to believe it.

    Soon they will be begin “predicting” a democratic victory in ’08. If they do it long enough they have a high success rate of making it happen. People on the left will want to be part of the “victory” and voters on the right will get depressed and stay home. It is a self fullfilling prophecy and the media is really good at it. They can drive agendas. Just watch the media and you can see the future being affected.

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