Do African Americans only support Obama because he’s black?

July 17, 2007

To get things straight right away, I am not racist. Just because I’m conservative, it doesn’t mean that I’m racist. I believe that the conservatives that are racist give the average conservative a bad name (not to mention a stereotype for Republicans). The following is a prime example of what took place in a political science class at school:

While sitting in my government class at college, my instructor started talking about different issues that young students are involved in. He asked everyone if we talk about politics with our friends. Obviously, not many raised their hands, but me and a few others did. One person, who happened to be African American, raised his hand. The teacher asked him what he talks about. He responded with, “We talk about how Barack Obama would make a good president.”

Further into class, we started discussing other topics. Something came up about health care. The teacher then asked, “are there any pre-med students here?” Only two raised their hands, one of which was the African American man from before. The guy then blurted out that he wanted to be an MD because he felt that it would be a decent way to make a good amount of money while helping people. After hearing this, I agreed that being an MD is a good way to make a living. They make a lot of money.

Later, the teacher was talking about guns. He asked the class, “who, in here, owns a gun?” Once again, the same African American from before raised his hand while shouting excitedly that he just bought a shotgun the week before and was really stoked about it. At this point I had had enough. I raised my hand and said directly to the man, “excuse me, but you say that you’re a supporter of Barack Obama, but I don’t know why?” He asked, “what do you mean?” I answered, “well, you talk about how excited you are about your new shotgun, but Obama continually votes to have restrictions of guns. Also, you say that you’re in the medical field “for the money,” but that’s ironic because Obama supports a universal health care program which would mean that MDs are paid by the government. If the government pays MDs, you aren’t going to make more than 60 to 80 thousand dollars a year. To me that’s not very much money for a Medical Doctor. So I don’t know why you support Obama.”

Needless to say, the class was dead silent. After a long pause the man responded with, “Well, he [Obama] knows what it’s like to be a minority.” More African Americans in the class murmured in agreement. Feeling that it was hopeless to make him think otherwise, I responded with, “Oh, ok.”

It really made me think, though. I want to believe that people support candidates for the issues that they stand for, not for their ethnic background. I want to believe that there are African Americans that don’t like Obama because he’s a left wing socialist. I want to believe that people aren’t voting a certain way, because peers are voting that way. Unfortunately, there are people out there that don’t know anything about the issues that the candidates stand for. All they know is “he’s black, I’m black, he’s got my vote” or “she’s a woman, I’m a woman, she’s got my vote.” If you agree with being a bleeding heart socialist and can explain why, then you have my respect. But if you agree with a bleeding heart socialist and have no idea why, then you are a sad person and only fall into the category of being American sheep manipulated by media and peers. You need a herder!



  1. Interesting. Sheeple crack me up sometimes. 😉

  2. nice blog! I have to agree with Lindsay, sheeple are funny.

  3. 🙂 OBAMA ISNT BLACK….. lol. Let me go find the video that explains it.

    It is sad that this is all happening. Heck – maybe Edwards will get it though….. the Black vote is split between Obama and Hillary.

    I do love my Oprah tho’

  4. Great blog, David. I completely agree with you. Its interesting too, that blacks support the democrats just because its the “cool” thing to do. I sure am proud of the blacks who rose against this stupidity. It must be hard having the guts to stand up for something you believe in even though your entire race doesnt approve.


    Ali’s right… Baracks only half black. his mom was white. Wonder why most people dont know that? *cough* BIASED MEDIA!

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